Simplifying storage & movement of goods for modern Indian Businesses

We are your Tech-enabled partner for storage & movement of goods across India and Globe.


Warehouse expertise ensuring seamless operations.


Strategic partnerships optimizing warehouse solutions.


Continuous innovation enhancing warehouse efficiency.

Strategic Advantage

Strategic advantage through optimized warehouse manage.

Our Warehousing

Efficient warehousing optimizes logistics, streamlining storage and distribution processes.

Pan India Presence

Offering access to 90% consumption market on next day basis

  • We are operational in multiple warehouse location across 5+ cities and are in the process of further expansion in Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities.
  • We manage 1 lacs+ square feet of warehouse space cater to more than 20 brands like Emami, Reliance, The Man Company, Link locks, Syska, Zandu, Aiwa Niflux, The Tea Valley etc.
  • Adequate whole time resources at shop floor for faster and smooth operations
  • Highly Equipped infrastructure with basic IT equipment’s and MHE’s
  • Adequate transport and fleet facilities for local and outstation deliveries
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Inventory Accuracy
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Order Fulfilment
500 %
On Time in Full
Pick Service Ratio

Warehousing excellence defined by precision logistics, tailored solutions, and a relentless commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team’s expertise, coupled with advanced technology, guarantees efficient storage, handling, and distribution of goods, setting us apart in the industry.

4 Easy steps to get up and going


We understand your business needs, operational requirements and best-suited fulfilment locations so that we can onboard you on our platform in the shortest time possible.

Quality Control

Our experienced Quality Control professionals perform stringent quality checks on your products as per requirements and prior to in-warding it into our system.

Pack And Ship

We pack your order as per your specifications and ship it through our network of delivery partners so that it reaches your customer quickly and your branding shines through.

Delivery And Returns

We monitor and track your shipments with an aim to reduce Return to Origin (RTOs). RTOs and returns if any are seamlessly managed to ensure they get back to inventory in the shortest time possible.

Our process

Procurement manager

Cody Fisher

Our talent and professional members

Meet friendly, experienced, knowledgeable and dynamic team members who always make our customers pleased with.

Procurement manager

Floyd Miles

Warehouse manager

Eleanor Pena

Marketing manager

Dianne Russell

Procurement manager

Cody Fisher

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